Automotive Products

Pfeda started manufacturing steering wheels, gear knobs,arm rests,dashboards and bumpers as an OEM in the Indian automotive industry since 1985.

We process 3 different Polyurethane grades in our standard program.
Flexible integral skin foam for steering wheels etc
Back foamed dashboards and safety parts
Rigid Integral skin foams for console elements and finishers.
RIM elastomers for exterior parts

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 Office chairs

Arm Rests

We are producing 120000 arm rests every month in integral skin foam for the chair industry.
The product range includes over 100 designs and are supplied as OEM parts to a majority of Indian Chair producers.
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High resilience cold cure foam systems in densities from 45-55 gms/litre ensure long life in office chairs.
Vast range of over 150 designs
In house tooling and testing facilities.
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Auditoriums and Buses

We have developed a wide range of designs for this industry including arms rests with swiveling feature, cup holder arms and especially profiled seats and backs for extra comfort.

In buses, parts manufactured by us are used by State road transport corporations and also private bus body builders.

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We have developed many special solutions for the Indian Railways in applications which are safety based in the coaches.
Parts include Ladders,Safety rails,suspension straps,grab handles,head restraints etc.
Parts are made in varying hardnesses to suit the application and colour matched to the coach interiors.
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Our exports are going to USA,Europe and Africa. We are manufacturing back foamed dashboards, coloured arm rests, special solutions for chairs for handicapped people, mudguards and bumpers etc. With very attractive costs and quick support on product development. we have a lot to offer in this market.Our inhouse paint facility helps give the right finish for our demanding customers.

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Structural Foams

We are providing solutions in this market where customers want to construct moulded housings,panels etc for medical testing machines etc where the volumes are low and high tool costs as associated with injection moulding are not justified.

Parts with inserts and post painting are generally developed.

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